Kelvin Namwanza

Kelvin Namwanza is an Author, Leadership Expert, Strategic Adviser, Innovative Thinker and a certified Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner.  Standing at the nexus of spirituality and a quest for knowledge, Kelvin teaches strategies that empower people for success.  Known for his authenticity and far-reaching care for people, he melds unique insights gained from his life experiences to inspire change.  Kelvin has written several books; Fashioning Your World, Seeds of Wisdom, Selfishness and Paradigm Shift.  He has experience in organizational development, organizational change and management as well as organizational restructuring.

You can book Kelvin, as a keynote or motivational speaker at your next event, he speaks on personal development, success paradigms, productivity, leadership and relationships.
An encounter with   Kelvin Namwanza, will inspire you and your audience to greatness.  He is a strong recommendation to individuals, companies or organizations seeking transformation.

Kelvin holds a Masters in Public Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the Regenesys Business School in South Africa.  Prior to that he also graduated from Rhema Bible College with an Advanced Diploma in ministerial training major.  Kelvin has previously served as a Director and Lecturer at the Eagles Bible Training Academy and as a Director of Operations at Eagles Christian Center Johannesburg, South Africa.  His role among many included coaching, mentoring, counseling and strategic leadership.

Thando Sibanda

Thando Sibanda is an Author, Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Master Coach.  A motivated visionary leader with considerable experience at building strong and loyal collaborative relationships, Thando is a professional Speaker and Personal Development Expert who through customised coaching methods, helps people and organizations progress from any point where they are towards their desired goals.

With proven speaking and Coaching experience from working with Organizations and individuals in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the USA, he has a genuine interest in People development and his motto: ‘Success has a Coach’ enables him to reach and work across cultures and economies.

Thando is a Master Coach certified through the Lets live Coaching Institute and is affiliated with the Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals (GFSMCP), Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) as well the Federation for Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals (NLPC).

Debbie L. Tam

Debbie is an Executive Coach, Behavioral Change Specialist, Business Consultant and Facilitator specializing in unleashing potential in entrepreneurs, leaders and specialists.  She has established her reputation in personalized program to be useful to individuals, in changing their behaviors and aligning themselves to purposeful and meaningful careers.  In creating an empowering environment through self-awareness, she unlocks the individual’s potential to perform and engage in an organizational context.

Born in South Africa of Chinese descent, she is sensitized to cultural and race diversity.
This spurred her interest in employee behaviour, and how people operate systems and organizations.  Her most recent qualification is an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change.
She continues to be supervised as a coach through a Henley UK Coach and has recently attended a supervision Introduction to supervision to assist peers in group supervision.

Debbie’s expertise has been built on heading projects that delivered among many others, Financial results, measurement of individual role and including employee engagement indices.
Her approach is one that visualizes a holistic approach to keep strategic business deliverable at top of mind, whilst bringing out employee potential.  Through using coaching and mentoring methodologies based on neuroscience, she creates an environment of psychological safety to maximize the employees’ self-awareness.  She inspires people through her interpersonal touch to create a greater sense of achievement, customer experience and ultimately business growth.

Debbie has been personally involved in setting up three Leadership Development program and since 2009 has been facilitating and training staff to develop their leadership practice.
She spent time on facilitating group coaching to stretch individuals to access their leadership potential.  Her content has been based on ladder of leadership and emotional intelligence using experiential learning in both personal and business practice.  Her work included personal mastery and self-awareness program for Corporate Social Investment program.

Nomzamo Maziya

Nomzamo is a Management Consultant who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematical Statistical Science from the University of Cape Town.  She also completed a certificate course, in Mathematical Modeling for Derivatives.  She has six years’ experience within the Financial Services Sector (from two of the four big banks in South Africa and a boutique Fund Management firm) with a focus on Financial Risk Management, Financial Markets and Advisory coupled with close to four years (46 months) within Management Consulting.