classed not cursed

A second class worldview creates misfits of people; this is why individuals who possess this mentality, without knowing work towards bringing their surroundings down to fit in with their second class mentality.  That’s why most African countries rarely improve in any form.  When people won’t change their inferiority and second class worldview, they regress to their inferior and second class way of life no matter where you try to fit them.

So even when nice buildings are erected it’s just a matter of time before they all become decrepit.  This is why our governments should not just invest in infrastructure development for the purpose of creating jobs; to sustain any form of development substantial investment needs to go towards programs that are aimed at changing the second class mentality and make the common African become aware of this backward paradigm.

You cannot embark on first class infrastructure development without corresponding action being driven towards developing people to have a “first class” mentality.    Until people’s minds are transformed, raised and prepared for “first class” living, they will always gravitate towards vandalism and second class living.  African governments must work towards creating a culture that makes Africans believe in themselves and that they deserve a better life and living standards.  We as a people must take ownership of our destiny and it has to start in the mind.  If how we perceive our own world does not change, nothing will ever change.  The kind of Africa we want must first be perceived and accepted in the mind and then we must commit to living it out in our daily lives, until it becomes our way of life.  Any change to move our continent forward that does not involve changing how the common African person thinks will yield no positive results.

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