Remain Prepared

Stay prepared to reap continuous and repetitive,  sustained success.  My mentor and coach invited me to attend a goal achiever program a few months back.  I had a terrible start to my day the morning of the event because I had misplaced my car keys, which almost made me late.  As I struggled to locate the keys, my wife suggested that I take her car instead.  Her suggestion saved me from being late for that much anticipated event.

One of the facilitators was a gentleman who just happened to be the first African to climb mount Everest.  His session was very fascinating as he illustrated challenges involved in mountain climbing and how these are similar to those we face on a daily basis, especially when attempting to meet certain goals.  He also went ahead to demonstrate strategies on how to overcome them.  I must say that we were all amused at how applicable mountain climbing tactics are when it comes to goal setting and achievement.

It just so happened that during lunch time he came and sat where some of the other delegates and I were sitting.  This was a bonus for us as it gave us another opportunity to ask as many questions as possible.  As we carried on with the conversation, he indicated his intentions of going mountain climbing again with a friend from overseas as well as with a team from South Africa.  He was basically planning to make about two trips in a year, I was intrigued by this, given that in the session he demonstrated the amount of preparation one needs prior to embarking on a mountain climbing expedition.

Moreover he had shared how months ago someone died on the trip.  So in my trying to understand his drive regarding mountain climbing, I asked him a question in an attempt to understand how he prepares for these trips.  His answer was “I don’t prepare I live a life of readiness”.  Simply put, on a daily basis, he is involved in activities that make him ready.   He knows exactly what is needed to have a successful mountain climb, hence he daily pays the price to remain fit and ready.  As a student of life this was a great lesson for me, and I believe it can be applied in every area of our lives.

This is a fundamental and profound lesson; that to have sustained success, don’t just prepare occasionally, rather live a life that is continuously involved in those activities that will always set you up for outstanding results.  After obtaining some level of success, most people become slack and revert back to their old lifestyle, it is no wonder few remain champions or are able to repetitively succeed.  If you are going to have lasting success, don’t just prepare, remain prepared.

By Kelvin Namwanza
Author/ Leadership Consultant

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