Living Life to the Fullest


The tragedy of life is that very few people have paid attention to answering or finding the reason for their existence.  Sadly schools, families and especially society seem not emphasize on this subject.

Everyone and everything in life exists to serve a purpose greater than itself.  Other creatures do this unconsciously as they have no choice but to do so.  Only human beings are required to somehow make a choice to be relevantly utilized or not, in making a contribution based on their God given abilities and talents.  Why are you here on earth?  Have you been making deliberate choices towards being useful? What is the meaning of life to you? What do you want to be remembered for?  We should never allow ourselves to settle for a mundane lifestyle void of purpose.  Someone once said, life is better when you are happy; but honestly, life is at its best when others are happy because of you.  Be faithful in touching others’ hearts; be an inspiration.  Nothing in nature lives for itself.  Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruits.  The sun does not shine for itself; and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.

We should never accept that a life of significance and contribution to society is a utopian land.  Living a purposeful life which is basically a life of being of service to humanity is our birthright, it’s not for the chosen few.
It is for every single one of us alive.

There is no greater and more noble drive in life than seeking and desiring to be of valuable input to others.  I strongly believe that our nations will change the day we all respond to this philosophy of life.  This way of thinking should influence how we run and set up businesses as well.  As an entrepreneur and leader this is likely to set you and your enterprise apart.  Life is about making a contribution; to live a purposeful life is to refuse to just exist but choose to be counted for something. 

This starts by accepting that we are to blame for where we are and we should see to it that we change and indeed become the light of the world.   We all have a part to play, a contribution to make in our chosen fields.
Live a life that creates more solutions and not problems.  This is what leadership and entrepreneurship is all about; solving problems for the betterment of mankind, which when done correctly leads to credibility and profitability.

Although we may not all be known to the entire world, we must aim to shine, within our surroundings.  Accept that the responsibility of adding value to society is on your shoulders.  If you fail to do so no one else will do it.  Think about the difference your life and business will make in the country and the world at large!

 By Kelvin Namwanza
Author/ Leadership Consultant
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