Become a courageous Leader

Kelvin Nawmanza
“FEAR is one of the greatest enemies to progress and a hindrance to becoming who you are meant to be! It paralyses the great and mighty into weak individuals!! Until you overcome your fears you will not know that there’s absolutely nothing to fear.” Kelvin Namwanza

A leader can only be to others what he/she has been to “self”. Until you have become successful at leading yourself, your attempt to lead others will be short lived. Your personal leadership is what will determine your success or failure in leading others. You are a leader to yourself first and leading others is actually your part time responsibility. Given that all good leadership emanates from a personal level, it is worth noting that whatever you fail to face and overcome at a personal level will always affect your public leadership life. Thus the journey to becoming a credible leader is not in the position you are currently eyeing or holding but, it is in dealing with aspects about yourself that can be to the detriment of your leadership aspirations.

One such area that requires overcoming at a personal level in order to become an effective leader is fear. This in itself is not a bad thing to have, in fact every human being no matter how great should be able to demostrate and have this emotion. The difference however, is in finding the balance to avoid being incapacitated by it. The journey to becoming a good leader is one of overcoming personal fears.

Author/Leadership consultant/Business & Life Coach.

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