Fear of rejection


“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” -Bo Bennett-

In many circles leadership is only viewed as the ability to influence a number of people and therefore if no one is following you, it can be seen as a lack of leadership.

This view of leadership makes those with shallow minds and selfish intentions become obsessed with only being popular. Some view their leadership success by the number of people under their “charge”. This idealogy is prevalent in many churches as often the main measurement of one’s leadership success is the size of the congregation, which is not always the case.

The fear of rejection if left unattended has negative effects, causing a leader to lead with a desire to be accepted by everyone. These leaders are “people pleasers”, they are easily drawn to those who worship them. While those individuals they lead who can’t feed into their emotional bankruptcy get sidelined and are never brought into their inner circles.

In leadership fame and popularity is not the objective but significance is and to achieve it one has to be willing to walk alone if need be. I’m slowly concluding that rejection is part of a leader’s journey towards influence, to be afraid of it can only jeopardise one’s growth.

This is why it is difficult to have courageous leaders in our society today as most are fearful at a personal level, hence they lead to only maintain the status quo as a tactic for self preservation.

Whatever you are afraid of at a personal level will always be your limitation and negatively impact your journey to becoming a great leader. Rejection is a wonderful bell that sends the wise to self introspect in order to improve themselves.

Accept and understand the fact that you may not always be accepted or be understood. Embrace the fact that you will not always be embraced. Never lead to avoid losing something or people, rather focus on doing what is expected of you even if it costs you.

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