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Until we get to a place where leadership becomes a collective agenda and not a personal one; until we begin to deeply care for those we lead; until defending human dignity becomes our obsession, all leadership aspirations are nothing but the means for personal gain.

Africa still awaits liberation from her own children who think leadership is about personal power, control, manipulation and lies.

Wherever you are today whether you are a leader or follower, ask yourself if the leadership you support genuinely serves the interests of the people at large.

Make a decision to be part of a leadership whose values are impeccable, a leadership that highly places collective ideals above personal ones, a leadership that is honest and transparent, a leadership that is willing to abide by the set codes of conduct governing your institution and not one that works to preserve selfish ambitions at the expense of what is fundamentally right for the people.

Our loyalty should never be to an individual regardless of their leadership stature nor to an organization, but to values that promotes the common good of all.

By Kelvin Namwanza
Author, Leadership consultant /Business & life Coach

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