Finding Your “why”

Your existence means nothing until you can boldly answer why you are here or do what you do. One of the challenges that developing nations face, is that most of their individuals do things merely for survival. Very few are driven by a sense of purpose or calling in their endeavors. This might also be one of the reasons why developing nations experience less innovation, as the masses are just “coping and pasting”.

The focus of such citizens is simply to make money to get by. Their prolonged struggles and poverty has made them to believe that the only way out of their dilemma is money. This disposition has made many settle for a mundane lifestyle void of purpose. To these individuals a life of significance and contribution to society is a utopian land.

When making money is the only basis for all human activity, it becomes almost impossible to find and pay attention to the “why”, which in the end leads to failure or short lived success.

Could this be one of the reasons third world countries fail to build lasting entities? Could this be the reason they tend to produce corrupt leaders? Because they have not found or paid attention to their “why”. If you are not clear on your “why” chances are that you will not attract the needed people for your cause.

Know your “why” and let it guide you in your endeavors.

The influence and credibility you are going to have in life and business is largely dependent on the clarity of your “why” because those around will identify that you are driven by something beyond material success

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