The World Owes You Nothing


The world is full of people with an entitlement mentality who think the world owes them.  Until we understand that we came into the world to add value, and not to take from it, chances are that our existence will always be a burden wherever we find ourselves.



Years ago I got involved in mining, and got a chance to do a geological survey with a team of experts.  On one occasion we particularly went into an extremely remote part of Zambia looking for minerals with a geologist.  This process was tremendously tiresome and very costly on various levels but we persevered nonetheless.  What made us leave the comfort of our homes and office to go into the bush without fear of being bitten by snakes, was the value of what we were looking for.  We knew that once we find the minerals we were looking for, financially our lives would never be the same, hence we were willing to pay the price to find the treasures that lay in this remote area.  The value of something is what creates its demand and the price tag placed on it thereof.


Price is not just a product of emotions but it denotes regard, value and the worth of something.  People and organisations desire to associate themselves with individuals who bring and add value.  Today companies pay a fortune to have Tiger Woods, represent their brand, why?  Because he is a person of value.  The world is ready to pay a premium on anything or anyone that is of value.


When you are a person of value, just like we left the comfort of our homes and were willing to pay as much as was required to locate the minerals, your efficacy will set you apart and create a demand for you.  When you are a person of value individuals, organizations, nations and the world at large will be looking for you and they will be willing to pay a premium for you.  Life is a faithful rewarder, it only rewards individuals based on their value.


Many people complain about being paid too little or not being appreciated enough and some even go as far as demanding the respect they feel they are entitled to receive from others.  I learnt very early in life, that those who project outwardly and go on to claim their rights without projecting inwardly to establish their level of value, will live a very frustrating life.  If you want to get the most out of your relationships, organization and the world at large, focus on becoming a valuable person first, before you go on demanding what you deserve.


This approach of working on yourself first and becoming a person of value will set you free from a sense of entitlement.  Sadly most people think that they deserve good things to be done to and for them and that they have the right to be rewarded without asking or weighing their contribution.  This is a very huge problem especially in developing nations where citizens feel the government must do something for them, without considering what they themselves should do for their country.


Moreover those in power also think they deserve to enjoy the wealth of the country at any cost because of the mere fact that they occupy a particular position, however we need to change this viewpoint, and understand that rewards ought to be a product of value not chance.


When you are a person of value the world begins to perceive you as different, as a solution provider and value creator.  They believe that whatever you are involved in, will bring about positive change.  And it is this value creation that deserves to be rewarded.  This is what I actually call true wealth.


True wealth is not just the accumulation of lots of money but rather the person of value you become or are becoming.  When you are a person of value, wealth will follow.  But many people are driven to just make money and neglect becoming individuals of value.


Have you ever wondered why most people who win the lottery, end up slipping into deep poverty far worse than they were in prior to winning the lottery? Why does this happen?  Because financial success came as a surprise to them, and they were not prepared for it.  Anything you gain as a result of chance and not as a result of your value, is often not sustainable.


Any success that comes as a result of chance and lacks an “actual exchange of value” is bound to have a catastrophic impact in the end.  A person of value may lose everything in a transaction or any given situation but the chances of him/her regaining all that was lost and even more are quite high because of the value they have to offer.  A person of value makes success happen whilst vain individuals expect success to make them happen.  Never in our history, have we had a situation where material things made a person, but people have been the architect of material things.


In all you do, strive to be a person of value first before you demand anything.  The world rewards people of value and if you want to get the most out of life, make the choice that you will be a person of value.  Wherever you find yourself, first ask what are you bringing in and not what is in it for you.  Let the value you bring determine what will be apportioned to you.

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