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To be the most preferred black owned people development service provider of high quality coaching and mentoring interventions.


We seek to bring positive transformation in organizations and communities by facilitating change and growth through people development.


Our values bring a unifying focus to our way of thinking and working.  We understand that in order to build a sustainable legacy we need to honor the values that promote unity and fairness.  We seek honesty, excellence and integrity in everything we do.

About us

Kelvin Namwanza Consulting provides quality coaching and mentoring interventions to public and private sector executives, company directors, managers, team leaders and employees.
Our company inspires, empowers and equips our clients to unlock their potential for success.

Programs offered by KNC

Paradigm Shift

At KNC we believe that the state of individuals, organizations and nations at large, is a reflection of the predominant thoughts of its people.  To bring about the needed change there has to be a paradigm shift.  It is for this very reason that KNC created a program that can be used to improve employee personal and organizational productivity.  The Paradigm Shift offering can also be utilized in facilitating change management in communities’ and nations by teaching people concepts that lead to progress.  In this outstanding program we teach our clients that the future is bought or sold by the kind of decisions being made today.  This program is also applicable to those being prepared for leadership positions.


Fashioning Your World

At KNC we believe that the materials to design the life we want are within reach and what is needed is for individuals or organizations to apply proven principles to craft their desired world.  Our Fashioning your world matrix can be used by individuals and organizations who would like to ignite their productivity, creativity and clarity.  In this program we facilitate sessions that instil the importance of Purpose, Change, Commitment and Consistency.

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